Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis and Eldon M. Braun

I picked up this book at the library in DAS Academy that is on the 5th floor of REX House. I had to read this book to produce a 1000 word essay on diagnostic screening assessments for one of my post-graduate modules for a certificate in Specific Learning Differences.

This book was recommended by my lecturer June and she said it is one revolutionary book that provides a different perspective on the issue of dyslexia. For the uninitiated, dyslexia is a neurological condition that hinders otherwise intelligent people from reading, writing and spelling effectively. They often have 'b' and 'd' reversal issues which is a common symptom.

It's a fascinating read! The author, Ron Davis, has a different perspective of what causes dyslexia - he says it's a "disorientation" problem. His theory is that people who have dyslexia think in pictures and when they encounter "trigger words", or words that are abstract, e.g. a, and, the, they become disoriented and this is the main cause for the reading problems.

His solution? Orientation Counselling or the Alignment Procedure. Both methods teaches one how to use the "mind's eye" to prevent disorientation. The book continues to educate the reader with other techniques such as Symbol Mastery and various reading strategies to enhance the remediation for the student with dyslexia.

This book is a really interesting take on the said learning difficulty and it would do him no justice if you don't read the book if you are an educator who is involved with students who have dyslexia. The author himself has dyslexia and came up with the assessment method and remediation by himself. His website provides a brief overview on what the book might be like. Check it out today!

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