Thursday, January 30, 2014

Always Enough by Rolland & Heidi Baker

It's not often that a book captures your imagination. So it was with great delight that this book did exactly that. More than just a recount of their missionary exploits, Rolland and Heidi Baker made me realise how great God is and inspired me to rest in the love of God like never before.

I picked up this book at The Ink Room, my church's bookstore after receiving my January pay cheque. This book lover, yours truly, had her eye on this book a week before when she saw the new titles they stocked. 

After service and lunch with my cell group, I settled at a dirty coffeeshop in Bugis and started on the book as I waited (for my guitar class to begin). It was so good that I finished 3 whole chapters in one sitting.

Within a week, I'd completed the book of 10 chapters. This book reminds me of Reinhard Bonnke's autobiography, "A Life of Fire" except that the page count is only a fraction of that tomb. The authors brings us along their initial missionary journeys in Hong Kong and England and related how they cared for the poorest in those cities. Salvation of these people seemed to be a natural progression after the neglected and abandoned finally found love and food in these Christians. 

They then moved on to Mozambique and what a trip it was! They set up an orphanage that grew rapidly in the poorest and most devastated country in the world. Mozambique has the highest numbers of people with limbs missing due to the millions of landmines in the country left behind after years of war. And the Bakers cared for them all. 

They showed me how God always provides. Once, when they were evicted by the authorities and ran out of food, a meal for four supplied by a woman multiplied to feed the dozens of mouths they had after a simple prayer. Sounds familiar?

The pastors they trained up in Bible School performed miracles like the raising of the dead and in their crusades, many blind and deaf were healed. This is so encouraging! God still works today. 

In the midst of the revival, disaster struck. Floods destroyed all the work they'd done and caused an already poor nation to feel even more hopeless. They worked tirelessly and even in this disaster, churches multiplied when the people realised their need for God.

But more than these stories, I felt what really impacted me was in Chapter 9, titled, 'All Fruitfulness Flows from Intimacy'. How true that is. So many want power and anointing and work so hard for God when all they have to do is to rest in the love of God. There must be a balance of some sort. This is also a reminder and a confirmation to me after a friend wrote to me that I needed to rest in God. To rest in what He has already done for me.

Overall, this is a brilliant book that I'd encourage all Christians to read, especially aspiring missionaries. I do also feel after reading this book that we all need to fulfill our calling. Rolland and Heidi Baker were called to be missionaries and they've done it really well. For those of us in the marketplace, let us be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and be fruitful in this ministry we are placed in, reflecting God's glory wherever we go.

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