Sunday, August 24, 2014

The New IQ by Tracy Alloway and Ross Alloway

I was first drawn to this book at Popular Bookstore because of the nature of my work. As an Educational Therapist I work with children with dyslexia who have poor working memory. Naturally, when I saw a book that claims to be able to improve one's working memory, I was instantly drawn to it. 

The reader is first introduced to what working memory is and how it is vital in different areas of life such as in school. The authors threw in a couple of working memory exercises to allow one to test his/her working memory. These proved to be a rather interesting activities. I realized that mine isn't too great. Ah well. 

For a topic as complex as working memory, the authors have done a fine job of making things very simple for the layman to understand. I liked the part where the writers dealt with how working memory makes us happier. That was a surprise. 

They have done some solid research and the 13 pages of citations at the end is testament to that fact. 

I would recommend this book to the layman who is interested to find out more about working memory and learn what steps one can take to improve it. 

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