Friday, August 21, 2015

Short Circuits - through the catchments of faith and writing by Anne Lee Tzu Pheng

First off, I just want to say a hearty "Thank you" to Anne Lee Tzu Pheng. This has been a wonderful book that has buoyed my faith in writing.

This book is basically a collection of short vignettes of the author's experience with writing, poetry, and with God. It's really interesting and easy to read (it helps that all the passages are only 3 pages each).

I was so touched and inspired by so much of the book I just had to record it somewhere for safekeeping (my memory isn't that great), and the medium of choice? 


Here is a sample:

Well, all I can say is that this makes an excellent gift for a writer who happens to be Christian. (On a separate note, I'm not too sure where one can get a copy of this book. The publisher doesn't seem to have a website with a catalogue, so, well, all the best!)

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